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Website Development

In today’s world, more and more people do their shopping online, and when they go in person to a store, they usually search the internet prior to making any purchase decision. A website became an essential tool for any business, and without a good website, a business is less likely to be successful. Whether you need a website for your business or for your personal use, your website should be both eye-catching and practical. At Kessitek, we took advantage of the ASP.NET, a web application framework developed by Microsoft, to build dynamic and robust websites. Along with the great tools included in this platform, we have developed many in-house tools such as the encrypting module that uses very innovative and unique techniques to enhance the security of our websites.

Responsive Web Design

Not long ago, websites designed to run in desktop computers were performing quite well and helped businesses reach their goals. However, with the strong emergence of smart phones and an array of mobile devices, this type of website design became obsolete. Websites that are designed to run in large screens are not properly displayed when run in mobile devices. Users face many difficulties navigating these websites and find it time consuming and extremely hard to accomplish anything, even simple tasks. At Kessitek, we have the knowhow to make your website run and perform in mobile devices as good as it does in desktop computers.

Graphic Design

At Kessitek, we recognize the importance of graphics used in websites. Usually, graphics are the first thing visitors see when visiting a website. The first impressions visitors have when they visit a website for the first time determines their future behavior. If pleased, they will certainly remain and browse the website longer, and it is very likely for these users to come back and visit the website again. We have hired professional designers to work on graphics we include in our website. Relying on professionals to produce high quality graphics is very important to us, so rest assured your website will look and feel professional.

Website Security

Securing your website is very important and necessary whether it contains sensitive information or not. Unsecured websites have many vulnerabilities and weaknesses which hackers love to exploit. Having sensitive information stolen from your website is probably the worst case scenario; however, there are multiple other damages that hackers could inflict to unsecured website. Hackers could use your website to distribute malwares and viruses to your website visitors. Your website might run as usual despite being infected; however, search engines such as Google and Bing are able to detect these infections and flag your website as being infected. Moreover, your customers and website visitors will be less likely to visit your website again after they learn your website has been infected. In addition to using standard tools such as security certificates to secure your website, at Kessitek, we have developed our own encryption algorithm used solely for websites developed by Kessitek. We do not sell this algorithm and no other developer in the world has access to it. We are confident that our program will withstand any hack attack and make your website safer.

Emailing and Chatting

Providing a standard email address such as ymail.com or gmail.com to your website visitors does not inspire confidence and does not look professional. Make your website feel and look professional by adding emailing and/or chatting solutions with your website name as a domain. Moreover, with our emailing solutions, you can set up an alert system where your customers can subscribe for alerts to let them know about changes to your products or services. Add custom emailing templates with your business logo that look as good as the ones of the big websites such as Google. Manage all emails in one place with no hustle and keep your data confidential and secured.

Analytical and Tracking

There are many third parties that provide analytical and tracking solutions to attach to your website in the form of add-ins or scripting; however most of these solutions represent significant hazard for your website and make your website venerable for hacking attacks. At Kessitek, we have developed our own in-house analytical and tracking solution that will be incorporated to your website. No add-ins, no scripting, and no risk for your website. With our solution, you will be able to track exactly what your visitors are doing in your website. What pages they visited, visits date and time, how much time spent on each page, etc. Armed with this information, you will be able to draw conclusions about what interests your visitors and customers the most, and make necessary changes to your products or services accordingly.

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Welcome to Kessitek

All our products are 100% guaranteed!


Welcome to Kessitek

All our products are 100% guaranteed!



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